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“By joining Elan Members Platform, I’ve achieved challenging career objectives, noticeable personal and professional improvement… I finally could find the greater balance in my life. I have worked with Sharlin and her techniques allow you to realize your strengths, appreciate your journey and obtain a greater sense of purpose. I am a much more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of Sharlin’s counselling.”

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Mouna. B

Adonire Founder

“Faye creates a safe life coaching space that promotes critical analysis and forward movement for her clients. I personally have valued Faye’s uncanny ability to ask the questions that are uncomfortable yet necessary with a gentleness and acute interest, which has propelled me forward from so many moments of being stuck. Her extensive professional background brings a level of expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and talent to her coaching model. Faye listens to her clients with deep compassion and empathy, which enables her to ask questions of her clients that evoke a new awareness. I would highly recommend Faye!”

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Stephanie W.

Critical Analysis and Forward Movement

“Shelly has an incredible gift for helping people shift their perspectives about old beliefs and habits into a healthier and more holistic state of being. She uses numerous tools for each individual, so the information feels natural and personalized…there’s nothing scripted about Shelly; her guidance comes from intuition, love, and experience. She uses quotes at just the right times, making the lessons even more profound while giving you a memorable takeaway. Shelly has a beautiful, generous, and open spirit and while she guides expertly in fresh perspectives, encouraging and reminding, she never judges or condemns. She is by far the best coach I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her. If you want deep and lasting change, Shelly is your Coach.”

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Nancy Hon

Real Estate Agent, Arizona

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