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A Box of Goodness

Unregistered Charity founded in 2016 on the principles of sharing our blessings with less fortunate… We are hoping to help kids in our region to provide them with necessary needs as winter clothes, food, toys, scholarship items…

You can add your support by contributing with an amount, sending items or clothes… For more information, please contact

A message from Miro Dole, Founder of “A box of Goodness”

I’m sharing an intro to the work we do on a regular basis at ‘A Box of Goodness’.

The fundamental concept of our charity has been to inculcate the habit of sharing our blessings with the less fortunate. Our belief is that there are ample provisions in this world to go around for everyone – if we only shared. The charity is not registered; thus, we receive no financial funding and operate on donations in kind. We guide our donors on what to purchase and share with us; in the event they have financial support/funds collected. We aid both locals and expat workers without any discrimination – however we aim to aid the most deserving and seek out those who are the most in need of aid.

Our avenues of service concentrate on:

Food Drives & Emergency Relief Efforts
Feeding the less fortunate (every year we organize a Ramadan Food Drive to aid Muslims observing the fast). In 2020 due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we have exerted all our efforts to appeal to the public to receive dry foods and toiletries. We partnered with All Food Co. for people to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables via their Instagram account to aid the less fortunate. Our efforts to aid those whose livelihood has been affected by shop closures began on 25th March 2020 – we have thus far shared food and toiletries with 1500 local and expat families/individuals. The general public, The British Embassy in Bahrain, The US Navy and other Corporates such as P. Haridas Sons, Abdul Aziz Food Stuff, Propel Consult, Ashraf BGDC have assisted us in our efforts to alleviate the people going through tremendous stress and anxiety. We have also assisted Shamsaha (previously Women’s Crisis International) with approximately 60 food packs (sufficient for a family of 4) for women in need who appealed to them during the pandemic.  We have in the past also assisted the Migrant Workers Protection Society in aiding migrant workers with food, clothing and toiletries. Extensive aid was generated and shared with the Asian workers whose building collapsed in Salmabad in October 2018. We provided not only dry food items but also toiletries, linen, clothing, underwear and financial aid for these workers to get back on their feet. We respond to emergency relief requests; for example when staff accommodations are burnt down or when staff are being unpaid for long periods of time. We have assisted GPZ staff extensively, going into labor camps and providing them with essential food items.

Enriching Local Communities 
Work with orphaned children – Since December 2016 we have been working with Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society in Busaiteen to spread love and cheer to the children. We organize by-monthly group birthday parties for the children; where each child born within a given period has the chance to celebrate their special day with siblings and friends. We organize games, gifts, food, birthday cake and birthday gifts for the children. Additionally we have organized free educational events for the children to take part in as well. The events are on hold due to Covid restrictions.
We also actively work with local imams in villages to support families with food, baby items, clothing and occasionally during Ramadan/Gurgaon we share toys with the children observing the fast. In the past, Schools such as the St. Christopher’s Junior School, British School and Nadeen School have supported us with food, kids clothing and toys to be shared with less fortunate families in Bahrain.

We have also launched initiatives to support first time mums with essential items for herself and her baby. We have had great support from the US Navy and the Private Sector in Bahrain.

Saving the Environment and Recycling 
We have regularly teamed up with the public, associations and companies such as Bahrain Credit to visit local beaches and clean it of plastic and debris. The plastic we collect from these Beach cleanups are taken to the Bahrain Association for the Parents & Friends of the Disabled in Adliya. The funds from the sale of this plastic goes towards purchasing wheelchairs for the needy.

Winter Appeal
Every year during the winter season, we collect gently used winter clothing and linen to be shared with the less fortunate. We have previously partnered with the Jawad Group and St. Christopher’s Junior School to provide us with a public space/audience to attract more donations. This year too we will be contacting corporates to provide their facilities as a collection point. During the months of December 2020 and January 2021 we placed collection boxes at convenient locations.
· The Westin Bahrain City Centre in Seef
· The British Club in Adliya.
· The British Dental Center in Nakheel Centre in Saar
· The Bahrain Rugby and Football Club in Saar
· The St. Christopher Junior and Senior Schools

Kids Toys Collection for Ramadan and Christmas

We collect toys to share with less fortunate children of all faiths during the months of Christmas and Ramadan. We appeal to the community to donate new or unused toys that we can share with children aged 1-10 years. Toys are also collected whenever we organize a Kids Group Birthday Party for the orphaned children of Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society. Due to Covid we haven’t been able to organize parties in the last 2 years. We hope to resume these parties as and when the conditions improve and the authorities allow for it.

Just for your reference, the charity is unregistered so we do not appeal for monetary contributions. The charity was set up in Bahrain in 2016 and has had the support of the British Embassy, US Navy, Bahrain Credit, St. Christopher Junior and Senior Schools, The Bahrain Rugby Football Club and many other expat and local families.

For your reference, our social media handles are as follows:

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  • 5 reasons to donate:

    Charitable organisations have risen to the challenge of the pandemic by providing vital support to those affected, whether emotionally or materially through loss of jobs, having a place to stay or by providing food and clothing. Interestingly, at the same time demands on charities rose sharply, so did households savings and confidence plummeted, denying them valuable donations. During the pandemic, household saving in Australia, according to Treasury grew to more than $100 billion in the 12months to end of November in 2020. Giving to charities has more than monetary benefits. Donating doesn’t just benefit the charity or organisation but can be rewarding for you too. Australians donate millions collectively every year to charities that support causes they believe in. Here are five reasons why donating to charities is so gratifying.

    Makes you happier
    Giving to charities – whether monetary or donated goods is a mood booster. Helping those in need can make you feel more content and fulfilled. Research has shown that there is a link between making a donation to charity and feeling joy.

    Strengthens personal values
    Social Conscience is a widely given reason on why people donate to charities. When questioned, many individuals stated that they felt a moral duty to help others when they can. These personal values and principles were commonly found amongst individuals.

    Introduces your children to the importance of generosity
    Educating your children about donating teaches them about the importance of helping others. Sharing this experience from a young age can be valuable. It shows that they can make a positive impact in the world and that no amount of help is too small. Encouraging children to be generous can strengthen their attitudes towards helping others.

    Inspires those around you to take part
    Your actions can encourage those around you to take part and donate to charities too. Family giving strengthens relationships through a shared goal and raises more money collectively. Working with family and friends can increase the positive impact.

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