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Adults, Kids & Fitness Nutrition
Dr. Yara Radwan
Kids health Nutritionist

Dr. Yara Radwan is a medical doctor and clinical nutritionist (MD, MMedSci).

She earned her medical degree from Damascus University, Syria and earned her Master’s in Clinical Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield in the UK.

She was part of a research project at Leeds University in the UK exploring different strategies to optimize fruits and vegetables intake among school children.

She is very passionate about nutrition and health for children and the entire family. She is very pro-active in raising awareness about healthy eating and has been involved in many health projects.

She leads healthy eating workshops in some schools, nurseries, companies as well as different health events in the UAE. She is a regular TV guest on different TV channels such as Skynews Arabia, Abu Dhabi TV, Al Emarat TV, MBC, Al Hurra TV and Sama Dubai TV where she talks about different nutrition topics and the latest research in this field.

She has filmed a series of healthy video recipes for kids on Majed Kids TV in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan 2019 and again in 2021. She has filmed a series of nutrition videos with Layalina Magazine where she talks about a wide range of nutrition topics.

She is a believer in building healthy habits starting with small achievable and realistic goals and building a healthy lifestyle that lasts for life.

Shweta Sidana
Adults health coach & nutritionist

Shweta is a Nutritionist, gained a First Class BSc in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Leeds.

She is here to help you achieve your goals, lead you adopting a healthier lifestyle, and overcome any barriers you may face during the process…

Shweta aim is to help you adjusting your eating habits, gaining a better relationship with food, understanding your specific wants and needs, whilst considering any underlying health conditions and dietary requirements you may have.

During the process, she will provide you with a personalised meals plan and healthy eating tips.

A weekly follow up is required to track your progress and help you to understand key nutritional topics.

Agnese Huntington
Adults fitness nutritionist & coach

Agnese have been in the fitness industry for the last 7 years. She help busy individuals to get back in shape.

She have been on a weight loss journey, on a post natal recovery journey and journey to the stage. She know how it feels when you really want to achieve something and you just need a little push from the side, to get you moving.

Agnese driving force and her absolute belief is that the key to success is the commitment and passion you apply on your journey.

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