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“Between the Covers” is an exclusive space for Elan members, and it is all about finding the best new reads “early releases, fresh perspectives and debut authors”.

Each month, Our Public Speaker, will discern through hundreds of new book releases to find the three best books hitting the shelves.

Every two weeks, we invite you to a regular meeting to create a welcoming, upbeat atmosphere where members feel comfortable and willing to debate and talks about the book; sharing their perspectives and feedback.

It’s as easy as that!

How to be prepared to members virtual assembly

Read the book: It might seem obvious, but it is the most important step and it is worth starting and plan on finishing the book a bit earlier than you might. That gives you time to think about it and collect your thoughts to share with the group.

Write down important page numbers: The parts of the book that made impact on you. Or even highlight and mark the pages for quick reference.

Prepare your questions about the book: Whether you are an outgoing extrovert or the shy one in the group, you can engage in discussions by asking questions with ease.

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