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Energy & Theta Healing Mindfulness Meditation & Leela Game
Vera Yudina
Spiritual and Energy healer

Vera is originally Russian and lives in Cyprus.

Vera focuses on utilizing spiritual energy, which is arguably the most powerful way of healing with energy and improving one’s life miraculously.

Her approach of spiritual heading is holistic and works by understanding your energy vibrations frequencies. Love and fear vibrate differently. One is restrictive and one is expansive.

Leckranee Burthoo
Transformational coach, intuitive/energy healer and speaker.

Leckranee is originally from Mauritius bases in Dubai.

She is  committed to help you unlock the greatness you already possessed within yourself through improving your conscious awareness by getting rid of your self-limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind with Theta healing.

Theta healing by Leckranee
Olga Yudina
Certified mindfulness meditation teacher, life coach and Leela game host.

Olga is originally Russian and lives in Cyprus.

She devoted herself to yoga and spiritual growth for the past 13 years and dedicated her last 4 years studying to become a psychoanalyst…

Olga highest goal would be to free your conscious from the shackles of our material world and the realization of the unity with the Cosmic powers that will help you live happier life.

Mona Vogel

Mona is a Quantum healer, here to help you live your fun potential by offering sessions to elevate your frequency.

By helping you let go of any blocks and old emotions you connect more and more with your true essence.

During the session Mona will guide you into a meditation and you will explore together what your body, mind and soul is ready to release and stop holding yourself back.

The Quantum healing sessions are very soft, yet deep and profound.

Quantum healing by Mona
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