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Frequently asked questions
  • Why is self-improvement important?
    – We all want to be happy, secure, proud, and respected. But the path requires a focused self-discipline and commitment leading to self-improvement.
    – Self-discipline & commitment are the one of the most important aspects of self-improvement. Without it, we would not be able to achieve our goals and SUCCESS.
  • What are the main key areas for self-improvement?
    – Mental & emotional self-care: When integrated, an individual’s emotional and mental qualities lead to self-mprovement.
    – Spiritual self-care: Mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction are all important tenets of self-care.
    – Health self-care: Nutrition & Self-care go hand-in hand as improving your health can do wonders for your mood and your outlook on life.
    – Physical self-care: Your physical attractiveness have a large impact on your internal health in a different ways that includes improving
    – Intellectual self-care: Many of us are aware that our body needs exercise. That also applies to our brain. Reading has endless benefits on our mind, that involves increasing the
    self-confidence, self-esteem, stress reduce …etc
  • Can I pay a class for myself and a guest?
    – Yes, if the person you’d like to pay for is already a member. If not, they’ll need to sign up and accept the terms and conditions.
    – Once your guest is a member, you can make the booking and payment on their behalf.
  • What if I am running late?
    – There will be a 15 min waiting, and if you are late, the class will be cancelled. All payments are non-refundable.
    – If running late, please give us a call to inform in advance.
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