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Mindfulness Meditation
Leela Game, hosted by Olga

This is not any game! Leela is one of the most mysterious subconscious games, that would save you years by generating an incredible instant leap in your personal evolution

When you play Leela game, you are having a conversation with your Higher-self, the high intelligence and divine mystery.

Leela game helps you clear your subconscious patterns, enlightens your mind, identifies and overcomes your life obstacles.

The game board is multi functional instrument, used to receive insights and guidance about any situation or intention.

The main purpose of the game is a guidance on your path of self realisation and enlightenment.

leela game dubai, uae
Guideline before the session start:
  • The space

    • – Your session space should be peaceful and relaxing. It should be quiet and free from distractions.
    • – Wear comfortable clothes and take your comfortable position.
      Enjoy the experience and let your body guide you.

  • The mindset

    • – You should be somewhat relaxed before your meditation session, if not, you could do some mindful stretching or listen to some relaxing music.

  • Your intention

    • – It is important to set your intention and remind yourself of why you are meditating.

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