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Make-up Training/ Personal Fashion Styling
Abir Mrad
Make up training and Beauty Therapist

Since years, Abir has been inspiring thousands of viewers from around the World to find their inner beauty and enhance it in their own unique way.

Growing up, she always liked putting on her friends’ makeup and helping them get ready for special occasions. However, she never thought of it as a career, instead choosing to enter the field of Law.

Few years ago, she rediscovered her love of makeup and she decided to teach and provide one-on- one or online training.

She is extremely talented and no matter if you’re a total beginner or you want a brand-new look. Her private makeup and beauty lessons will help you.

Abir offers personalized classes to help you choose and apply the right makeup and beauty products for you and show you how to enhance your natural beauty using simple techniques and only products that are perfect for YOU.

She will make you look and feel absolutely stunning and full of self-confidence every single day.

Laura Windsor
Personal Fashion Stylist

Laura Windsor, a Purveyor of Polite Society, is widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted authorities on etiquette and protocol.

In her cut-glass Englishness, beautifully combined with Italian finesse, she carries an elegance that delights her clients. A former model and TV lifestyle presenter, Laura is regularly seen on Television in the UK, offering advice on matters of civility, business politesse, Royal protocol and cross-cultural communication.

Laura received her etiquette training in London from a former member of The Royal Household of Her Majesty the Queen and was educated at Downe House School, the same private boarding school as Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales.

She also attended the prestigious Lucie Clayton Finishing School in London at 18 and rubbed shoulders with British socialites, actresses and future Prime Ministers.

Laura helps clients fulfil their potential by helping them embrace the best behaviours and protocol in everyday living. This results in happy, empowered clients that have newly-found opportunities on the horizon.

Laura is also a certified Image Consultant and personal styling and has been styling HNWI for many years. Her services include shopping sprees in Rome and Milan, Italy.

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