What better way to start off your day than with some self care?! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a morning person. When I was a teenager I was totally the opposite and could sleep until noon easily, but I feel so much more productive when I wake up early in the morning and have my whole day ahead to accomplish whatever I want /need to do! This helps me anxiety so much.

I know that there are plenty of people who love to sleep in though – my husband included. That man could sleep his whole life away, it’s crazy! For people like that, you could be asking yourself “How di I start a morning routine?” Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t have an issue getting up early, but you could find ways to improve your routine. For example, I am guilty of getting on my phone the second I wake up. My phone is my alarm after all, so since I have to grab it to turn off my alarm anyways, it’s super easy for me to stay on it and browse social media. There are so many other things to be doing to set your morning routine for success though!

Here are 5 tips for a simple morning routine to start your day in a healthy way!

1 – Wake up earlier

First thing to do is… get up! The earlier you get up, the more time you have to get things done! This is probably the hardest step of them all because you really have to dedicate yourself. It’s beyond easy to just keep hitting that snooze button when you’re catching the zzz’s. You can’t rely on your body to want this, you just have to want it for yourself! You can help yourself out too by establishing a bedtime routine and going to bed earlier, too. Whatever you have to do is fine – just wake up already!

2 – Write in your journal

Instead of grabbing the phone first, grab your journal. Journaling is a great self care habit. You can write about what you want to get done today, how you’re feeling, or even something you’re grateful for. Doesn’t this sound so much more productive than mindlessly scrolling through social media? You’ll feel better after doing it, too!

3 – Set positive affirmations for your day

I don’t know about you, but I definitely believe in the law of attraction. You get what you put out! So why not put out some positive energy and good vibes? Setting positive affirmations for your day will help you keep a positive mindset. Your day will come with unforeseen challenges ahead, but often times if you put yourself in the right head space, you can take those on in a much healthier way.

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4 – Make your bed

Sounds so simple, but yet it’s so productive! When your bed is made, I swear it feels like your life is made. Or at least for the day! Try making it a habit to do this every morning, and see how good it feels. And at night time, your bed feels extra cozy!

5 – Brush your teeth

Again, something so simple, but you know it needs to get done, so don’t skip it! Get some fresh breath going this morning!

6 – Eat a healthy breakfast

You are what you eat! Put some healthy and nutritious foods in your belly this morning. They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all! For me, I have to eat within an hour of waking up usually, otherwise my sugar levels go all over the place. Even if that doesn’t happen for you though, it’s important to get some energy going in the morning from some healthy food!

7 – Exercise

Exercise is a good healthy task to add to your morning routine. Getting some exercise in is great for your health both physically and mentally! It’s an amazing way to release stress and feel your best! You don’t even have to go crazy with an insane workout if you don’t want to – instead, you could always go for a nice morning walk, too. I definitely like getting my workouts out of the way in the morning if possible, because otherwise I will keep pushing it off and it probably won’t get done. It’s easy to be lazy, but just think – once it’s done this morning you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day!

8 – Take a shower and get dressed to impress!

If you need help waking up, I’m sure some water will do the trick! Get clean and ready for your day, and dress to impress! I even apply this to people who work from home. For example, I work from home and I’m not going to lie, I am in my pajamas pretty much 24/7. Sounds great, but honestly I remember getting dressed everyday for work before and feeling ready to conquer the world. I feel like a zombie now half the time, just moving from my room to my office in the same clothes, doing the same thing everyday. I’m thinking about maybe getting dressed, putting on makeup, etc. once or twice a week, just for self care purposes!

Making a daily self care morning routine can help you tackle your day head on! What is your morning routine?