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Story behind the Logo

“Be a swan. Glide serenely over the water and paddle like hell underneath…”

The image of the story still makes me smile as it did this morning…It’s an image as apt as it is pretty, and I’ve had more than one occasion to follow its guidance over the last challenging period of my life…

I first heard those words from a “special” person who has taught me a lot about life… That having a good and successful career, emotional satisfaction, and trustworthy friends requires you to work HARD!

Myself, I was awkward, impulsive, emotional, and insecure. I still am but most of it has been toned down from persistent hard work and discipline.

And I could only relate and understand those words when I was stuck between my real callings and reality, when I was disappointed in others and especially of myself… Until being strong was my only option…

The point of this writing is to tell you that if you want, you CAN and you WILL eventually grow and improve.

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