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Theta healing by Leckranee
(Theta healing by Leckranee)

Theta healing is considered the fastest and most efficient way to support you clearing your pain, trauma, shock, illness, disease and in aligning with your soul goals and life dreams.

Theta healing is processed in individual sessions where the our therapist healer will ask you probing questions and allows you accessing your subconscious and more effectively influencing the powerful subconscious part or ourselves that is normally not accessible to our waking minds.

Theta healing dubai
Guideline before the session start:
  • The space

    • – You session space should be peaceful and relaxing. It should be quiet and free from distractions.
    • – Wear comfortable and take your comfortable position.
    • – Drink a lot of water.
    • – Remember to eat well before the session begins.

  • The mindset

    • – You should somewhat relaxed before your meditation session, it not, you could do some mindful stretching or listen to some relaxing music.

  • Your intention

    • – It is important to set you intention and remind yourself of why you are meditating.

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